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Roof Inspections in Utah: What You Need to Know

Are you buying a new home? Or maybe you are just looking to check the integrity of your roofing system. Whatever the case, a roof inspection can save you a lot of money and time.

Even so, many homeowners and potential homeowners overlook roof inspections. This is always surprising, as roofs play an integral role in protecting homes, not to mention how expensive roof repairs can be.

Having your roof inspected every time you suspect possible damage can extend its life significantly. A roof inspection in Utah is crucial, especially when you experience water leaks, storm damage, or if you have an older roof. The same also applies to prospective homeowners looking to buy new homes.

How Much Life is Left in the Roof of Your New Home?

So, you found your dream home; perfect location, the right amount of space, great school district—everything you want, including the price tag. One issue though, you might be buying a home with an old or damaged roof.

As earlier mentioned, many homeowners often neglect having a proper roof inspection done, which could end up being very costly. You do not want to end up having to bear the cost of a significant roof investment right after moving in.

It is okay to hope that your roof “passes inspection” to keep the home sale process moving, but we wanted to shed some light on the reasons why inspecting the condition of your roof is important for your new Utah home. This post aims to highlight why ensuring your roof is in top condition will save you a lot of money.

What the Roofing Inspector Looks At

One thing you must realize is that each home is different. The same is true for each roof. And this is the reason you should have a professional roof inspector check the condition of your roof.

Almost every roof inspection starts with an exterior walk-around. The inspector checks the roofing materials for signs of wear and tear. They will also look for warping around the roof’s slope and signs of missing shingles, granules, and other materials.

In addition to checking for signs of damage, roof inspectors check the roof’s quality and any previous repairs done on it. If they notice any issues, they will notify you and the necessary steps needed to rectify the concern.

What to Expect from a Professional Roof Inspection in Utah

A professional roof inspector always checks for any signs of leaks, damage caused by windblown debris, unusual wear and tear, organic growth, and much more. Ultimately, you can break down every roof inspection into four facets. These include structure, materials, workmanship, and interiors.

  • Material inspection – The roof inspector will check for signs of loose, missing, or curling granules and shingles. They also check for mold, rust, stains, and missing flashing. Your roof inspector will also look for any signs of deterioration, cracks, and gaps in vent pipes around roofing materials.
  • Structural inspection – Here, the inspector looks for signs of sagging and uneven roof planes. This includes examining the fascia, gutter, and soffit system. The inspector also checks for any cracks, damage to chimney caps, and crumbling grout. Another point of interest will be the venting of your attic to help determine your roof’s integrity.
  • Workmanship inspection – A thorough inspector always examines your roof for quality issues that may increase the risks of leaks and any other signs of future roof damage. These include inspections around roof penetration sites like vent pipes, chimneys, and skylights.
  • Interior inspection – Since roof leaks ultimately damage your home, it is vital to check the interior ceilings, interior walls, and the attic for water stains, rot, or mold. These are sure signs of water damage to your roof.

Roofing Analysis

After the roof inspections are complete, the inspector will provide you with a comprehensive report about the roof’s condition and what repairs you should plan for, if any.

If any repairs are necessary, ensure you schedule them as soon as possible to minimize the overall costs of repairing it later. This way, you can be confident that your roof will be in excellent shape to handle even the harshest weather conditions.

When to Call the Professionals

It would be best if you gave your roof the attention it deserves for it to protect your home for an extended period. It is particularly important to hire a professional roofing contractor to speed up the roof inspections process. Get inspected right away and avoid costly repairs in the future.

Bob Harvey Roofing provides the best commercial and residential roofing services throughout Utah. Reach out to us to schedule your future roof inspection in Utah. The sooner you know the status of your roof, the better prepared you will be to repair it.

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